Leslie’s Betrayal

Leslie Thompson was your ordinary housewife who was married to a millionaire who belonged to many organizations and even a seat on the stock market. She was your average size with a very athletic build since she seemed to work out every day. She always managed to keep herself up and attractive, especially while her husband’s male guests were around. She wore her blonde hair down and in seductive waves which accentuated her ocean blue eyes. She casually wore skirts and dresses but found time to lay by the pool in a skimpy bikini hoping someone would see her.

You see, her husband was much older than she and had gray hair along with plenty of wrinkles to prove it. His name is Carmichael Thompson and is looked up to and envied by all his associates. He has that perfect trophy wife who dives into their bank account every chance she gets. He works all day and then comes home to his loving and cunning wife who caters to his every whim. She shows him affection and love even though he cannot satisfy her in the bed like a man should. Given his age, he does suffer from erectile dysfunction and does not believe in taking any medication to correct it. He just works, brings home the money, and gives his wife whatever her heart desires.

They have been married for the better of ten years and have no children between the two of them. Carmichael does have children from a previous marriage which he is very fond of and loves dearly.They are grown and have families of their own each having a trust fund but very profitable jobs. Carmichael hopes that one day his only son of three children will take over his seat on the stock market and carry on his name. His children bring the grandchildren around often so they could know their grandfather. None of which care for the likes of his trophy wife. All of his children know her to be or have doubts that she is nothing but a golddigger who can’t wait for their father to die. When the children do come around Leslie does her best to try and get them to like her and call her mom but they have spoken their peace about that situation.

Leslie has gone through a lot since being married to Carmichael especially with foreplay and no sexual contact. For ten years they have had a sexless marriage and she has been kind for long enough. When other male associates are around, he doesn’t see the exchange of signals between them and his bride. She has become notorious for trying extracurricular activities while her husband is away on business. Some of his closest associates have tasted of her sexuality. She has become a harlot in the worst way, until one day when she noticed someone moving in next door. She got herself together and decided to welcome the new family to the neighborhood.

As she walked over she couldn’t see anything but this handsome, athletic build of a man carrying boxes into the house. His hair was a dirty blonde but well kept, his face dusted with a bit of dark facial hair, wearing a white tank top and blue jeans that just made his butt say “Come to Papa”.  He was gorgeous and had a slight tan to his skin. She almost couldn’t take her eyes off of him but had too before walking right into his mailbox. Leslie made her way up his driveway and started talking to herself as she was figuring out what to say to him. She stumbled over many words with excitement.

Leslie finally made it up to the truck where this handsome neighbor was unpacking it and she finally caught his eye with a soft and gentle hello that slipped from her red lips. He stopped with a box in his arms and said hello back. He quickly introduced himself to her and she responded back with her name. His name as she heard it be was Peter. They had a quick conversation for Leslie could not keep her eyes from his masculine body. She also noticed that Peter could not take his eyes away from her slender body, admiring the sultry cleavage from her blouse. They exchanged a little conversation which had gotten a little personal like was he married, any kids, and she told Peter nothing of her husband. That would be her secret.

Peter stated that he needed to get the truck unpacked and returned before a certain time and that they would see each other again. Leslie took that statement and ran with it thinking her day may have come that she would finally be sexually satisfied by a real man. As she walked back towards her house, Leslie was grinning from ear to ear with excitement. She almost felt like a balloon ready to pop. When she made it back to the house she noticed a voicemail was on the machine and when she hit play it was the voice of her husband, which popped her little balloon, and he was informing her that they would have guests over for dinner.

Leslie had this feeling of dread now because she had to plan dinner which took her time away from thinking about Peter. She dauntedly made the dinner list and gave it to the cook to prepare and then headed upstairs to collapse on her bed and think about those tight, sexy jeans Peter was wearing. She laid there on the bed in a kind of daze picturing Peter in her mind. She had never gone as far as just kissing with any other man and Leslie knew that Carmichael trusted her, with everything. At that moment she was torn between trust and lust. Which would she choose to be her demise?

She got up off the bed and began pacing back and forth across the floor trying to decide what is best for her and her marriage. As she was pacing, she happened to notice out the window that she had the perfect view of Peter’s pool and cabana. Her mind went into overdrive once more. It almost sickened her with having to make a life-changing decision unless she never gets caught. But who’s to say that if Peter finds out she is married will the truth come out? Would Peter actually tell on her to Carmichael? These were decisions she had to weigh out and which would benefit her the most.

Once Leslie noticed the time she ran into the shower to wash away her sin of lust for another man before her husband came home. She did everything she could to get herself ready and present herself as calmly as possible. After dressing, she went downstairs to check on the meal being prepared because Carmichael prides himself on the finest of everything, even his wife. Leslie has many skeletons floating in her closet and fears that only one of them escaping could cost her everything.

She made her way around the house making the preparations for the table and the table settings and as she started to turn around, Carmichael was unlocking the front door and entering with two of his fellow associates plus one. Peter was bringing up the rear following everyone into the house. Leslie looked at him directly and wasn’t sure if she should he happy he was in her house or frustrated now that Peter knows she is married. She was not sure at the moment how to respond until Carmichael introduced them and Leslie replied back that she had met him earlier that day as he was moving his personal things into the house next door. Peter just smiled and confirmed that they had met each other earlier in the day.

Carmichael had excused himself and Leslie from their guests to have a few words with each other. They moved into Carmichael’s den and sat on the sofa together when Carmichael was informing her that he ran into Peter coming up the drive and invited him to dinner. She was pleased with her husband’s decision and leaned forward kissing him and telling him how much she admired him. After speaking with each other and showing affection they got up off the beige sofa and walked back in where their guests were waiting.

Carmichael was informed that dinner was ready and asked that everyone join him in the dining room to enjoy a well-cooked meal. Everyone met in the dining room and seated at the old cherry oak dining table. Leslie happened to notice that Peter was seated right across from her and smiling. At that point, she thought she would be sick but kept pursuing the decision in her mind to betray her husband’s trust so that she might have one night of pleasure or do not think about it anymore. Leslie was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t even hear Carmichael talking to her. She was startled suddenly when Carmichael reached out for her hand to regain her attention. She quickly apologized for being so rude and he asked his wife again if she was feeling well to which she replied “yes, I’m fine”

With everyone seated around the table, it was time to eat this magnificent meal and enjoy some good conversation among friends. Leslie really wasn’t in the good conversation mood because she had to look directly across the table to a man she wanted so badly. She looked at Peter and then to her husband Carmichael and back to Peter. This was becoming very stressful for Leslie to handle. She could not let anyone see how uncomfortable she really was sitting there. Through listening to the conversation between the men she did pick up on the fact that Peter was not married, nor did he have any children. He was an artist who made a living showcasing his work, which proved to be elegantly profitable. The night carried on until it was time to say good night.

Carmichael with Leslie in arm escorted everyone to the front door and bid them good night. Once everyone was gone and the door locked Carmichael turned to his bride to give her a passionate kiss for the evening. He told her to go ahead on to bed as he had some work to do in his den before retiring for the evening. Leslie smiled and agreed and headed up the stairs as Carmichael looked on. Once upstairs, Leslie had disrobed and put on her sleeping gown for bed but not before looking out her bedroom window and seeing Peter walk around his backyard by the pool. He wasn’t on his phone, so why would he be pacing around when suddenly he looked up towards Leslie’s window and saw her standing there looking towards him. Peter stopped pacing long enough to give a quick wave to Leslie before walking back into his house.

Now Leslie was curious as to what he was thinking about that had him pacing with a puzzled look on his face. She was still left with the decision of betraying her husband to be with another man or keeping things together with Carmichael. What was Leslie to do? Her body craved the touch of another man but her mind was on her marriage of wealth. If she were to betray Carmichael’s trust she risked losing everything for one night of passion. With that thought, she retired to her bed and fell fast asleep.

About two o’clock in the morning, she was awakened by Carmichael coming to bed. He got undressed and then put on his silk pajamas before climbing into bed with his faithful wife as he knew her to be. He snuggled up to her, kissed her cheek and softly whispered good night in her ear before falling off to sleep.

The next morning, Leslie woke up to the sun shining brightly through her windows and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She got out of bed and wrapped her robe around her shoulders before heading downstairs. As she entered the kitchen, she gazed upon Carmichael sitting at the breakfast nook enjoying a hot cup of coffee and reading his daily paper. She walked over to him kissing his cheek and sensually saying good morning my love. Carmichael replied the same greeting back to her as he flipped through the pages of the newspaper. The maid had gotten her a cup of coffee as Leslie took a seat at the breakfast nook with her husband. Even though they were not really sexual with one another, Leslie did enjoy her husband’s company and conversation.

After finishing his first cup and while the maid was pouring his second cup, Carmichael had informed Leslie that he would be leaving for a few days to handle some business overseas. She was a little taken by his information as now she would be left alone in this house fighting with her self-conscious mind. She smiled at her husband and asked when he would be leaving. Carmichael told her that a car would be here for him in about an hour to take him to the airport. She reached for his hand and covered it with hers while looking Carmichael straight in the eyes smiling and telling him to have a good trip and she will miss him very much. Carmichael placed his other hand on top of hers stating he would miss every minute without his lovely bride. After which he stood up and wrapped his paper under his arm and headed back upstairs to pack and get changed.

Leslie watched her husband walk up the stairs and out of sight before she was biting her lip and playing with the four-karat diamond ring on her finger. Would she take advantage of her husband’s trip away from home to kindle the fire that burns inside her? With his bags in hand about forty-five minutes later, Carmichael comes down the stairs and to the front door where Leslie meets him. He kisses his wife’s lips and hugs her tightly whispering how much he loves her and that he will see her soon. She smiles at him and tells him that she loves him dearly and will miss him each day that he is away from her. After saying their goodbyes, Leslie watches standing at the door as her husband walks down the steps and into the black sedan waiting for him. As the car pulls away, Carmichael blows a kiss to his bride and she returns it with a wave as she watches the car pull down the drive and disappearing behind the trees.

Now with Carmichael gone Leslie is contemplating whether she attempt it with Peter or save herself for her husband. She goes back upstairs and over to her window where she sees Peter in his yard sitting on a lounger next to the pool and gazing up at her window. Leslie wonders if he has the same dilemma which is taking the chance of being together with a married woman without the husband finding out. Peter notices Leslie in the window and gives a small wave to her and she gives a wave back. She starts to blush and walks away from the window still biting on her lip. Leslie then gets dressed more appropriately for the day and before she can get down the stairs there is a knock at the front door.

Upon opening the door there stands Peter in a white tank top and some tight blue jeans. Leslie is dumbfounded as to why he is at her door. Peter says hello and asks if she would like some company. Leslie hesitates for a minute but then agrees to let him inside. The walk into the sitting room and both have a seat across from each other before starting their conversation.  Peter asks her how her morning is going and tells her he saw Carmichael leave with bags in his hands. Leslie tells Peter that she is doing good so far today and that Carmichael had a business trip to attend too. When she informs Peter that Carmichael will be away for a few days she can see the tiny smile on his face as it lights up.

Peter then begins the conversation of how long they have been married and do they have children before popping the question was she happy in her marriage. It kind of threw Leslie off that a man she just met would ask such a question. As much as she wanted to lie about it, she found herself telling Peter how unhappy she was in her sexless marriage. Peter seemed to sympathize with her being that he has been single for quite some time. They sat and talked for at leat a few hours getting to know one another before Peter had another appointment he had to attend too. Leslie walked him to the door and before she could say goodbye, Peter had her in his arms and pushing his lips against hers. She almost felt as if she was melting being kissed so passionately by Peter. She lost herself in the moment and found her arms wrapped around him feeling his masculine body as she pulls it towards her. One they broke their lip lock away from each other Peter then bid her a good day and walked down the steps.

Leslie was in awe of such a kiss and the thought of her husband was nowhere in her mind. She had not been kissed like that in a long time and it felt so good. She felt a little weak in the knees and she could feel the smile on her face from one side to the other. She closed the door and stood up against it as the feelings of euphoria ran through her body. Peter was making her decision hard to make but then again making it much easier for her to fall into the web of deception. Would she make the decision to betray her husband’s trust with the other man?

Later that evening, Leslie was lounging out back by the pool in a very thin summer dress with spaghetti straps reading her favorite book when suddenly a pair of hands wrapped around her eyes. It startled her but then she felt warm moist kisses on her neck which made her drop her book to her lap as she laid her head back and enjoyed those kisses as they went all the way around the back of her neck until those lips met hers. She reached up and grasped at the hands covering her face and pulled them away to see Peter’s eyes staring back at her. She then closed her eyes and relaxed in his arms as she tasted his lips and felt his hands caressing her body.

Leslie became aroused to the point where she couldn’t control it and found herself in a situation where there was no return. She laid there feeling Peter’s hands caressing and exploring her body before she started to take off his shirt to rub her hands over his masculine chest. There she was betraying her husband with another and it didn’t seem to bother her because she was lost in the moment of ecstasy. Her hands caressing the sides of his face as she melted in his arms. Leslie knew there was no going back from her thrilling moment of euphoria and it was bound to happen anyway.

The feeling and moment had ended up in the same bed she shares with her husband. The kissing and rubbing and bodily juices being shared with one another. How could she keep this secret from her husband? How could she have betrayed her loving and caring husband who would have given her the world had she only asked for it. Leslie’s mind and body were being taken over by Peter’s seduction. Her body was giving in and she could stop it. It all happened so fast and lasted most of the night.

The next morning, Leslie rose up in bed to find Peter gone and the bed a mess. She had at the moment realized what she had done but felt no remorse. She felt revitalized and fresh as if stepped right out of the fountain of youth. One night of passion had renewed her body and spirit. Leslie felt alive again but then the thought had hit her, what about Carmichael? How was she supposed to keep it a secret of how good she feels? Would Peter, in fact, betray her and tell Carmichael of her infidelity? Everything was up in the air now and Leslie didn’t know which way to turn.

Leslie had hidden away for a few days to rethink her actions and to what she was going to tell Carmichael if the situation arises. She was dumbfounded by everything going on and how her emotions were overbearing. She really had no alibi for her actions and her thought would be to tell Carmichael the truth then have him find out from someone else. She pondered on this for awhile before coming to a conclusion.

It was the day before Carmichael was due home and Peter had made an unannounced visit to which he again seduced Leslie into her bed and took every measure to pleasure her before her sexless husband came home. It seems he would be the one to pleasure her while her elderly husband was away on business trips. Again she fell for his seductions and ended up in the bed she shares with Carmichael. With all the pleasure and ecstasy around her, it was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

In the midst of her euphoria, she was unaware that Carmichael had just walked in the front door a day early from his trip. She was feeling every emotion and erotic feeling course through her body but once her eyes opened she saw Carmichael standing beside the bed in disgust. Peter had jumped up quickly putting his jeans on while Leslie covered her body with the very sheets she had soiled with another man. Carmichael could not get words to protrude through his lips but Leslie could tell he was not happy about his find.

Leslie was quick to try and explain things to Carmichael who just threw his hands up and walked out of the room quietly. She had also jumped up and threw her robe around her body covering it and following Carmichael down the stairs. He was in no mood to discuss what he saw and headed straight for the liquor cabinet. Peter then came down the stairs trying to defend Leslie and taking the blame for what had happened, but Leslie had already betrayed Carmichael not once, but twice now. Her emotions were all over the place, she was confused, scared, guilty, and overall she hated herself for betraying Carmichael who did anything but love and adore her. Now she has lost the trust from her husband, the one she gave vows of faithfulness too.

After swallowing down two shots of cognac, Carmichael then turned to his soiled bride and asked her to pack her things. Leslie dropped to the floor hugging Carmichael’s waist begging for forgiveness but none was to be found. She had betrayed her husband’s trust and that she would not get back. He asked her one more time nicely and calmly to go pack her things and he would call a cab for her. Leslie cried even more, pleading for another chance but her remorse and pleadings were shrugged off by the man who adored everything about her.

Carmichael then seeing that Leslie was not going to move to go pack her things demanded the maid come into the room. Once she arrived, Carmichael demanded the maid to go and pack his wife’s things and put them on the front walk. The maid being confused by such an order that she hesitantly went up the stairs to begin packing. Leslie was in distraught by now about what she had done and kept insisting that Carmichael forgive her and give her another chance. Carmichael did so very gently pushed Leslie away from his body and demanded that Peter takes her to his house since he was so wanting to romance her. Peter looked at Carmichael with doubt in his eyes that Carmichael will not forgive Leslie for being an adulteress and grabbed up Leslie gently and walking her back up stairs to get dressed and to get her things.

Once Leslie was dressed, Peter had escorted her to the front door with bags in hand and outside tho the walk. Leslie stopped and looked back at Carmichael who had so much disgust in his eyes that he could not even look her in the face. She again begged for his forgiveness and all that was to come from Carmichael’s lips were the words, “you will be receiving divorce papers in a few days”. Leslie broke down and almost collapsed into Peter’s arms after hearing those words from Carmichael. The words that she dreaded to ever hear from him.

A taxi soon showed up for Leslie and her things, but Peter had asked her to come to his house until she could find a place of her own and get on her own feet. Peter then sent the taxi away after giving him a tip for showing up and carried Leslie and her things over to his house next door. Crying and sobbing all the way over while looking back at Carmichael as he walked back into the house closing the door saying goodbye to Leslie.


Barbara Meet Jane

It seemed like any other ordinary day take my daughter to school, run some errands, and pick her back up from school. But things have been going a little haywire lately and without a reason. I have been losing time and one minute I’m here and the next it seems I’m across town. My name is Barbara Sellers and I am married to a wonderful, loving, and very supportive man named Tim. We have a nine-year old daughter named Kelly, and I am a registered nurse at the county hospital. I have been in nursing for over twenty years and only six years at this hospital. We are here in Chicago where we have lived since Kelly was born. My husband Tim is an engineer for the county so we are pretty well off. My daughter needs or wants for anything. She has plenty of friends that always come over and there is a sleep over like every other weekend. I feel like I have seven daughters instead of just one. They are a handful but my husband and I manage.Well things have been going normal except for a few time lapses here and there. It seems like I fall asleep in one place and wake up in another. It feels pretty odd and I have been to see counselors and therapists with no prognosis in sight.

One day I went to pick up my daughter from school and we stopped at a local store to get things for dinner. When we got home, my daughter went to her room and I started putting things away and getting ready to make dinner. Then it happened again and all of a sudden my daughter was standing in front of me crying and afraid of me. I became apologetic and asked her what happened. She said that I came into her room yelling about how lazy she was and then I started throwing small items at her. I feel so bad because I don’t remember any of this, I was just in the kitchen making dinner. I grabbed her and hugged her tightly telling her how sorry I am. She just laid her head on my shoulder crying.

When my husband got home, we sat him down and told him what happened and he was really concerned about what was going on. We put our heads together and tried to come up with a plan of action so that we can find out what is going on. Instead of me picking up our daughter, my sister-in-law would be picking her up and not bringing her home until Tim got home from work. I searched diligently for someone who could possibly help us in our situation. I scoured the yellow pages for professional help where I found a psychiatrist who deals with hypnosis. I called her and made an appointment for my husband and I to go see her the next day.

When we got to her office, she met us in the lobby of the building and we followed her back to one of the therapy rooms. She introduced herself as Doctor Victoria McClain and offered for us to have a seat and make ourselves comfortable. The was a table with coffee and snacks on it if we got hungry but sitting there in front of us was this tall woman with an athletic frame, somewhere in her thirties, with a short new style haircut. She was clean and looked professional. When she asked what the problem was, we informed her of the time-lapses, memory loss, and other minor instances. She asked how our home life was and we told her it was great except for the things happening lately.

She seemed very interested in what “things” were happening. I told her about the instance with my daughter yesterday, how it feels like I fall asleep in one location and wake up in another location. Doctor McClain sat there taking notes and asked what else has been happening and how long these things have been happening. I couldn’t exactly tell her when they started because of the memory loss but that it was putting a strain on my marriage and the relationship with our daughter. Our whole routine has changed because my husband is concerned about our daughter being alone with me. I should be allowed to be with our daughter even alone, but we both feel that it isn’t safe.

After trying to remember and explain everything, she came up with a prognosis of depression and anxiety for which she wrote out some prescriptions. I couldn’t believe that I was depressed and that was more than anyone else was saying. At least now I have some hope of getting better. My husband was relieved to know that we have an answer now and we can start treating it and getting back to normal. We picked up my prescriptions on the way home and I immediately started taking them.

Tim thought that it would be better if my sister-in-law would still pick up Kelly since the doctor said it would be several weeks before the medication built up in  my system or showed any effects. So I sat at home during the day after running errands to see how the medication would make me feel or act. I felt fuzzy for a few days and it happened again. I fell asleep in one place and woke up in another. This time it really freaked me out and I called the doctor. She stated that it would take some time for the medication to stop everything and get it under control so I should have patience.

Days went by and then weeks and I thought the medication should be working by now so I asked my husband if I could pick up Kelly and spend some quality girl time with her. He was hesitant at first but he knew I had been taking my medication regularly and I seem to be fine. He agreed to let me pick her up and when I did we went out for dinner since Tim was working late. We sat there eating and laughing while she told me how school was. Then, things got a little crazy again.

This time with the time-lapse and memory loss it happened in a social setting and when I realized what happened I had the store manager in front of me asking me to leave. When I asked him what happened he told me I became belligerent with other guests and started screaming at my daughter. He asked me to leave or he would call the police. So, we got up, picked up our food and headed for the door. Once inside the car, I called my sister-in-law to come get Kelly until Tim got home. We sat right there in the parking lot until she showed up to get Kelly. I squatted down and gave Kelly a big hug and kiss and told her how sorry I was and everything will be okay. I helped her into the car and watched as she left with my sister-in-law. Then, I immediately called Tim to inform him of what happened and became sort of  hysterical in the process. He told me to stay put he was coming to get me.

When he got to the restaurant, I was sitting in the car like in a daze. When he opened up my door, I started screaming at him like he was a stranger. He tried to calm me down which made it worse. He said that I was not acting like myself and became more concerned. I started telling him to get away from me and that I didn’t know who he was. Then it flipped over to me telling how selfish he was and that my daughter and I should just leave. This was all making Tim upset but he had to keep a cool head and remember there was something wrong with me. He finally just grabbed me and hugged me very tightly saying how much he loved Kelly and I.

Once I calmed down and became myself again I broke down crying and collapsed in my husband’s arms. I had no knowledge of what I was saying or who I was but I know it wasn’t a safe environment for my daughter. I asked my husband Tim to take me to the emergency room for an evaluation and while on the way there he called the doctor and told her what was happening and she agreed to meet us at the hospital. Tim looked over at me and could tell how scared I was that I sat there crying.

Once at the hospital we told the nurse what was going on and that my doctor was on her way. They took me to a room where my husband and a nurse sat with me until Doctor McClain arrived. She came into the room and saw a broken woman crying and scared. She asked the nurse to go get a sedative and she would sit with me. Tim went out to the lobby to call his sister and let her know what was going on. I tried to explain what happened but only Kelly and Tim really know what happened. Tim’s sister brought Kelly to the hospital so she could tell the doctor exactly what happened while in the restaurant.

Once the doctor sat and thought about things, she had me stop taking the medication since it agitated my condition even more. While the doctor was in the room with me and administering the sedative she got a first hand glimpse of what was going on. She got to see the side of me that was causing problems and what had given me the time-lapses and abusive behavior. I became very belligerent and a little violent so the doctor had me restrained to the bed. I fell asleep from the sedative and slept the whole night.

When I woke up the next morning, Tim and Kelly were there watching over me. When I asked them what happened, they told me the doctor has finally figured out what is wrong with me. When I asked him what was it, he said it would be better if the doctor explained it. Doctor McClain walked into the room about fifteen minutes later with some equipment and I immediately thought something was very wrong. She informed me I would be staying another night in the hospital, restrained of course, and under a specific evaluation.

I felt somewhat a sigh of relief but not much of one because I was having to be restrained to a bed for safety. I thought I was really losing my mind. While the doctor and an intern got everything set up, there was eventually a camera mounted and pointed at me that would record everything of that night in the hospital. I felt better knowing we were going to get to the point of everything. Well, everything was ready and my husband gave me a kiss and hug and then my daughter before leaving for the night.

The doctor looked at me and said she would be back in a couple of hours to check on me. She did in fact tell me to relax and that I was somewhere safe and if anything happened it would be recorded. I hesitantly told her okay and started staring at the ceiling while I laid there. She smiled at me and left the room. The door was closed and an intern posted up at the door in the event of anything happening. I began feeling very weird and agitated and then I went blank for what seemed like a few minutes before opening my eyes and seeing Doctor McClain standing over me asking me if I remembered anything, which I didn’t again.

She gave me another sedative to help me sleep through the night and tilted the head of the bed up some to make me a little more comfortable. I stayed restrained for the remainder of the night until morning when Tim and Kelly walked into the room. They both gave me a hug and kiss while Tim told me how the doctor had called him last night and informed him that she found out my problem. I was relieved to hear good news and began crying telling my husband and daughter how sorry I was. My daughter Kelly climbed up on the bed and sat next to me telling me it was okay and that I would get better. When I asked Tim what the problem was he told me that the doctor would reveal it this morning to everyone.

Soon after that, Doctor McClain walked into the room smiling and stating how she had good news. When I asked her what the problem was, she had an intern push a television into my room and set it up. I was a little dumbfounded by the setting of a television up to show me what was wrong. When everything was set. the doctor looked at me and told me to remain calm while I watched the video of myself from last night.

The first thing she told me while turning on the video was “Barbara meet Jane”. I looked at her wondering what she was talking about when the video started to play. I saw myself talking to the doctor but those weren’t my words coming out of my mouth. When she asked me my name, the person in the video told her “Jane”, but it was me saying these things. I told the doctor I don’t understand, how is that me telling you my name is Jane when it is me, Barbara. The doctor had me watch some more of the video up until she asked me if I was okay and I replied to her I was. That much I do remember.

Tim was a bit concerned about this video knowing it was his wife but not his wife. Doctor McClain said that I suffered from what is called split personality. I was one person which my mind has separated it into two people. That would account for my time lapses and memory loss. At those moments is when “Jane” came out to play. Although, the doctor has not as of yet discovered where “Jane” came from she is aware of the situation now and can prescribe me the correct medication that would keep :Jane” at bay. She wanted me to come to therapy groups and counseling to learn how to cope with this condition.

I agreed and the first thing I asked afterwards is can I be unrestrained and allowed to sit up? The doctor said it would be okay because she had started me on the correct medication while I slept and that I should be calm now. Once the restraints were taken off I couldn’t wait to hug my daughter and tell her again how sorry I was. She looked up at me and smiled and told me that it was okay because daddy told her that mommy was sick and not feeling well. That melted my heart to hear that. I looked over to Tim and said thank you, he just smiled.

Doctor McClain finally informed Tim what to look for in symptoms and to notify her of any changes immediately. I sat there and watched the rest of the video and could not believe that was me acting that way. I don’t recall anyone named “Jane”. I was glad and excited that we finally found out what the real problem was with me and that it is being treated. I was given time off to get settled with my new medication and new life. It was a paid leave in fact. So our finances would not be hit so hard and I really appreciated it from my boss.

I was finally discharged and allowed to go home with my family in tact. It felt different knowing there was someone else living inside me. I almost wondered if Tim had been having sex with this other me, but I shrugged it off and went home with my family. Split personalities are a mental illness and the person infected has no control over it. There are medications that can help but it also means changing the lifestyle you’re used to and incorporating a new one. Never look differently at someone who has split personalities because one, they almost never can control it, and two it could be someone you love who becomes infected with this mental illness. So be kind to everyone you meet.

The  End