Eternally Death Row

Jeff Miller was everyone’s new drama scene in the newspaper and on television. He was the creep that they caught who molested and killed three little girls in upstate Illinois. It took the police and detectives four long grueling years to catch him. Every time they would get close he would evade them and kill again.

This story touched the lives of everyone and in every community while the police searched for him. It got so close to home for many that people began to get involved in the search. Soon, half the state was involved in the manhunt looking for this man to put him away so that the killing of innocent little girls would stop.

They were random killings that made it difficult for the police to catch him. They could not put two and two together because they were not connected in any way except that it was molesting and killing little girls. That was the only thing that was the same in each case.

Jeff Miller was so smart that he would always cover his tracks. He wore gloves that only left traces of latex powder behind and presumably used condoms because there was no semen or bodily fluids, only lubrication that you would find on condoms. It almost seemed like he wore a body suit because there was never any trace of clothing fibers or hair left on any of the victims. Each victim was brutally beaten, molested, and left in shallow ditches on the side of roads. It was a senseless crime and the man needed to be stopped.

By the time the manhunt began, there were five counties involved and every use of manpower there was. Rewards had been posted and soon it made the national scene. People all over the country got involved and kept their eyes open for the suspect in case he made his way to another state.

He finally got caught when someone driving down the road noticed a vehicle on the side of the road and a man pulling something from his truck and throwing it into the nearby ditch. The passerby caught the license plate and called nine-one-one to report it. Soon the local police had the vehicle pulled over and was running the driver information of Jeff Miller.

The police officer had no knowledge that he was running the killer everyone was looking for. After getting clearance on his driver license, the officer was about to let him go when over the radio came the information about a particular vehicle dumping something in a nearby ditch off of road eighty-one. The vehicle description matched the one he had pulled over and it brought about suspicion of the driver.

When the police officer turned to question Jeff Miller, he was met face to face with a nine millimeter. The trigger was pulled and the officer was shot twice in the face. Once the officer fell from his vehicle, Jeff Miller sped off in his vehicle. Now he was a wanted man for killing a police officer which now gave him a different M.O or modus operandi. He was not just known for the molestation and killing of little girls anymore, now he was a cop killer.

He was pursued across two states before being caught. He was taken into custody in a small town in Ohio and awaited extradition back to Illinois. Jeff Miller was a sex offender and child molester and that was not going to ride in county jail or prison, so he was placed into protective custody even when he was taken back to Illinois for his trial. They wanted him to live long enough to stand trial to give the families of those little girls and the family of the officer he killed some closure.

While he was taken back to Illinois, the officer’s transporting him made a detour to a secluded dirt road off of the highway where they proceeded to beat the hell out of him for his crimes. They brutally beat him like he did those little girls and took out revenge for the killing of a fellow officer. By the time he arrived at the county jail of his jurisdiction he could hardly walk and was not even taken to medical for treatment.

Jeff Miller was thrown into a cold cell to wait for his day in court. People surrounded outside the county jail protesting and demanding the death penalty. Each person was holding a picture of one of the little girls he molested and killed. Some even had a picture of the officer he killed. The crowd demanded justice for those families. Justice is what they were going to get.

He would find himself unable to sleep at night in his cell because of the shouting and yelling of threats and obscenities from other inmates. The officers made sure everyone in the jail knew what he did so that he would not get a nights rest.

He sat in jail for about two weeks before his first court appearance in front of a judge. The courtroom was open to the public so that everyone could hear that the judge was disgusted by the sight of him and denied him any type of bail. Once the judge denied him bail the whole courtroom went into an uproar of approval.

He was taken back to his cell after seeing the judge and still had to listen to every inmate torment him. At night, some of the correctional officers who were close to the officer he killed and disgusted by what he did to those little girls, would let a couple of hardcore inmates into his cell where they repeatedly raped and beat him. All of the other inmates would shout to those inmates to get him good.

Once he was healed up from the encounter, they would do it again. Jeff Miller was tormented and abused his whole time incarcerated except for a few days before his next court hearing. They wanted him to look presentable for the judge even though it might not have mattered to the judge.

His next court appearance was his plea hearing where he could plead guilty or not guilty. At this point, everyone would have expected him to plead guilty so that he could receive his sentence and be transported to prison, but he replied to the judge with a “not guilty” plea which again caused havoc in the courtroom. The judge did not seem to want to accept his plea but by law, he had to. So, a trial date was set and would be open to the public also.

Through his torment, Jeff Miller sat in the county jail while awaiting his trial date. It took almost eight months before that day came. Shackled at his hands and feet with a chain connecting both to his waist, he walked into a boisterous courtroom. As he walked inside and led over to the table where his attorney was waiting, the courtroom began to settle down. He quietly sat down with his attorney as a few derogatory shouts were made at him.

Then, the jury came inside to take their places in the juror box. Each one gave Jeff Miller a nasty and disgusting look. Everyone knew that this trial would not take long and expected the death penalty but they would have to wait and see.

Soon the judge came in and the courtroom went completely quiet. He quickly went to his chair and sat quietly looking over the files to the case. Once or twice he looked up and over at the defendant. Then, he asked the attorneys to begin their opening statements. As the state made their opening argument, you could see that everyone was listening to every word, but when the defendant’s attorney stood the obscenities from the crowd rang out.

Over the course of seven weeks, the trial finally drew to a close. All that remained were the closing arguments, the jury’s decision, and the sentence imposed. It took two days for the closing arguments to finish and then it was a waiting game for the jury to debate. Everyone from the defendant, the audience, the attorney’s, and the judge sat by waiting for the decision of the jury.

What should have been sooner, it took the jury four whole days to debate before reaching their decision. As they each walked into the courtroom, you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet. They found their seats and the judge asked the jury foreman if they made a decision. The jury foreman stood up and answered the judge with a “yes, your honor” before unfolding a piece of paper in his hands.

The judge then asked the jury foreman as to what their decision would be? With the courtroom quiet, the jury foreman looked down at the piece of paper and announced that they found the defendant “guilty” and that’s when the courtroom went into loud approvals and clapping. The judge then had the courtroom made quiet by the bailiffs before the jury foreman also informed the judge that they had a recommended sentence for the defendant.

This being an abnormal request, the judge allowed the foreman to speak their recommendation. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for this recommendation by the jury. As the foreman began to speak, the courtroom was very quiet. The foreman announced their recommendation as a sentence of death but that the defendant would remain on death row until his natural death. But also that the defendant would be castrated with the complete removal of his scrotum and all of its contents.

The audience went into joyful hysterics as they were pleased with the recommendation. The judge hearing this recommendation then looked over at the defendant and asked him to stand for his sentencing. As the defendant and his attorney stood, the judge began telling him how disgusted he was to have him in his courtroom and that he was appalled by his crimes.

Jeff Miller’s attorney began to interrupt the judge with words of mercy before being told to stand down while he passes sentence. The defendant stood there staring directly at the judge when he heard the words that he would spend the rest of his natural life on death row and that upon arrival to the state penitentiary, he would be sent directly to the medical facility for the surgical removal of his scrotum and all of its contents.

With that sentence placed upon him, the courtroom stood to applaud the judgment imposed on the defendant. He was then escorted by correctional officers out of the courtroom and taken to a van waiting outside which would transport him to the state penitentiary as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at the penitentiary, Jeff Miller was escorted directly to the medical facility where he was met by a medical staff that had been watching the trial and heard the sentence imposed. They were ready for him. They placed him shackled on the operating table and began cutting his clothing from his body exposing him to the televised camera that was in place so that the whole world could see his sentence imposed.

Once he was naked, they gave him a topical anesthesia because they wanted him awake while the surgery was performed. They split the table in the bottom half that would spread his legs apart. As everyone watched all around the world, Jeff Miller’s scrotum was removed and he was irreversibly castrated. He was awake to watch the medical staff cut and remove his scrotum and was shown them before they were thrown into the trash.

Once they were done and he was sewn up, they placed a pair of female panties on him to hold the dressings in place. He was placed in the medical wing for a couple days of recovery before being escorted over to the death row building. There he was placed in a one-man cell and that would be where he spends the rest of his natural life.

The correctional officers let his wound heal for a few weeks before imposing punishment on him. Every day, they would allow one other inmate in his cell to brutally rape him and beat him and this would be his punishment. He would not be allowed to forget what he had done to those little girls for the rest of his life. He would suffer torment through his natural life and then he would go to a place called eternal death row. Justice was served.




When No One Is Home

It was Friday night when Stephanie Miller was making plans to go away for the weekend. She got with some of her friends and they were going to go up to the mountain cabin which belongs to Christopher’s parents. Christopher was Stephanie’s best friend. They have been friends since elementary school when he put gum in her hair. Everything was set and plans completed. Now it was up to everyone to show up so they could head out.

Stephanie lived alone in a big tan three story house which her grandmother left her with her passing. It was her inheritance and she loved this old house and can remember all of the memories that came with it. The first day she went to see it after the funeral, she walked in and couldn’t resist touching the polished oak stair banister, and the smell of her grandmother’s perfume lingered in the house. As she walked through the house, she could see all of the old pictures on the wall and the beautiful furniture left behind. She removed the sheets from some of the furniture to expose the satin and plush upholstery on the very antique furniture.

She has lived in this house in the past two weeks after her grandmother’s death and her friends helped her move in. Stephanie has kept all of the furniture that belonged to her grandmother in the house and just added a few pieces of her own. The house was built back in the eighteen hundreds and has been in the family since. There are claw-footed tubs on each floor, a wood burning stove for heat on each floor, and the house sits on four acres of land that is just so gorgeous. There are trees surrounding the property and the nearest neighbor is three miles away. Anyone would be foolish to not want to live I this house. It has a history about it.

While Stephanie was waiting with her bags packed for the weekend, she did a final walk around the entire house to make sure everything was closed and locked up. She checked each floor and room for any open windows and made sure the back doors were closed. As she was coming back downstairs from the third floor, she tripped and fell down a few stairs hitting her head and knocking her unconscious. She laid there on the floor for hours while her friends had come and gone thinking she wasn’t home. There were a few missed calls on her phone and she wasn’t aware that she had missed them.

By the time Stephanie woke up, she figured out that she had a large lump on her head that was sore. She realized that she had fallen and when she got her composure, she looked around and found her phone noticing that she had missed a few calls. She managed to get up off of the floor and immediately felt dizzy and lightheaded. Grabbing the wall, she made her way to the nearest bedroom to lay down. Stephanie had no clue if she had a concussion or not but once she laid down the room started spinning. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Halfway through the night, Stephanie woke up to strange noises throughout the house. She laid in the bed for a few minutes listening, but only thought of it as the house creaking, critters running through the attic, or the wind blowing some of the shutters against the house. They didn’t seem to be really concerning so she tried to go back to sleep. Then, the noises seem to be coming from inside the house and she sat up startled that there might be someone in the house. Stephanie jumped up out of the bed and went to the doorway and crept to the stairs looking down at the first floor when she spotted the shadow of someone walking through the house.

In fear, she tried to sneak downstairs to see if she could identify the person inside her house. All there was to follow were shadows and that she could not get close enough to see who it was. While creeping around she bumped into a vase sitting on the floor causing it to crash against the floor and breaking. Startled, the shadow began walking towards the noise of the vase breaking and Stephanie did all she could to get out of sight. She hid in a nearby closet watching as the intruder walked by hoping that she would not be found. She listened as he stumbled through the dark house until she noticed that he, in fact, turned on one of the lights in an adjacent room.

At this point, Stephanie was now feeling anxiety because it felt like her skin was crawling and she could feel the sweat beading down her body. Her breathing became shallow as she wondered who the intruder was and what they were looking for in the other room. Did this person think no one was here? Could it have been someone who knew she would be going away for the weekend? These are all of the things that went through her mind as she clutched the closet door watching for her intruder. She closed her eyes briefly and prayed that her intruder would not find her.

She listened as the intruder fumbled through drawers in that room like they were looking for something. Stephanie could not even think about what they could possibly be looking for. She had not finished unpacking her belongings and there were still things of her grandmothers in the house that Stephanie had not cleaned out. She almost began to cry as she slipped down to the floor. The noises got louder as the intruder moved about the room. It was a bit curious how he was looking through a room that no one had lived in for years unless there was something in there that someone had hidden.

Stephanie’s mind began wondering until she heard the intruder come out of that room and go to the next. He was going from one room to another searching, but what could he be searching for? Stephanie gathered her thoughts and wits about her and slowly opened the closet door. She was being very careful as to not make any noise as she crept into another room looking for the phone to call the police. She fumbles around feeling for the telephone in the dark. When she finally finds it, she begins dialing nine-one-one, but before the operator answers, she hears the intruder coming outside of the room he was in. Stephanie quietly lays the telephone on the counter and within a split second is creeping to her next hiding place. She retreats to the pantry and slips inside closing the door behind her.

She quickly finds a few big bags of potatoes stacked up and retreats behind them. Stephanie hears her intruder come walking into the kitchen and then stops right outside the pantry door. Her heart almost skips a beat thinking he is going to find her until she hears him hang up the telephone. Now she is worried because that just told him that someone else is in the house. She waits to see what he is going to do and then hears him walk back up to the pantry door. Stephanie feels her eyes start to water and tears running down her cheeks afraid for her life. She sits and waits. Then, he opens the pantry door and steps inside. She gets herself together and places her hand over her firm pinkish lips trying to mask her fear. He walks around the pantry looking and does not take one step towards the potato stack where Stephanie was hiding.

She tries to peek through the bags to get a glimpse of the intruder who has invaded her house. All she could see was a silhouette of a man. She could not get a good look at him as he turns to walk out of the pantry closing the door. Stephanie then sighs a sense of relief as she hears him start to climb the stairs. The minute she thinks he is upstairs, she slips out from behind the potato stack and walks slowly over to the pantry door. With her shaking hands, she reaches for the door and slowly opens it sneaking a peak outside to confirm that her intruder was nowhere in sight.

With no sight of him, she walks quickly but quietly steps outside of the pantry and walks back over to the phone. She picks it up and begins dialing nine-one-one again hoping that an operator will quickly pick up. Facing the cupboards with her back to the rest of the house she cups the telephone with her hand preparing to talk to an operator when suddenly a hand comes around from behind her putting a cloth to her face. His hands grip her arms as she tries to struggle and she quickly gives up as she starts to fall asleep. She had been chloroformed and taken hostage.

A few hours later, Stephanie had woken up to a blindfold on her face covering her eyes. She was not able to see her attacker which she knew to be her intruder. She could hear him breathing and walking around the room. She even smelled his musk cologne that was a bit strong for any man to wear. She heard him walk closer and sit down in a creaky chair. The sound of a switchblade opening makes her cringe and then the anxiety sets in as with a shaky voice she calls out to her intruder. “What do you want?”, and gets no reply. “Who are you, and why are you in my house?”, she cried out, and again no reply.

Suddenly, the man speaks in a low voice to Stephanie asking why she was home and not with her friends on their weekend getaway at the cabin? That right there made Stephanie aware of the fact that her attacker was close to her or her friends because he knew such vivid details. Again, he asked why she was home and the only thing Stephanie could say is that she fell and was knocked unconscious. As she spoke she could feel the coldness of the blade as he held it lightly against her neck. She was afraid to swallow that it might make the knife cut her.

The intruder began mumbling to himself where Stephanie was unable to make out his words. She could hear him pacing back and forth getting more frustrated. Then he turned to Stephanie and asked her where the money was. Stephanie was a little perplexed at the question and asked him, “What money?” which angered him and then he slapped her across the face. He again asked her “Where was the money?” and if she didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear he was going to hurt her. Stephanie became scared for her life and told him in a shaky fearful voice that she had no clue as to what money he was talking about. She informed him that she inherited the house and estate and was told that there was no money involved in the will.

As his anger grew, he told her that her grandmother had money hidden somewhere in this house. This was news to Stephanie and she again pleaded with him to let her go and that there was no money that she knew of. Her intruder began to laugh as he took the knife and sliced it across her forearm forcing Stephanie to scream in pain. She began to cry and pleading for her life. It was a never-ending argument that caused bodily harm to Stephanie. With each answer that was useless to him, he created a bloody mark on her body. She could feel the blood trickle down her arms and the sting where he had cut her. She eventually thought that he was going to kill her.

After hours of agonizing pain to her limbs and face, Stephanie started to give up hope and wished for death. The intruder was turning into a ranting lunatic as he paced back and forth across the room. Suddenly, Stephanie could hear the faint sounds of police sirens in the distance and surely hoped they were coming to rescue her. She listened very carefully for them to arrive but made no notice to the intruder that she could hear them as he was still commenting in his ranting and raving getting louder and louder that he, himself, could not hear them.

Then she heard the sirens stop and feared that they were not going to find her. The only thing she could sense of where he had her was the musky smell of mold and mildew and she then knew that he had her in the basement of the house. With the sirens stopped she wondered if they were outside looking for anyone to be home. Faintly she heard someone knock at the door but it wasn’t loud enough for the intruder to hear it. Then she heard another knock and a man announce they were the police. This time the intruder thought that he heard someone, but became enraged at the whole situation and began yelling loudly at Stephanie wanting the location of the money. Stephanie pleaded with the intruder to let her go.

She started to make the intruder yell more and louder at her in hopes that the police will hear him and know where she is being kept. Louder and louder he kept yelling at her wanting to know where the money is. Stephanie still had the blindfold on so all she could do is hear the sounds around her. She could sense when he was coming closer to her and again he slid the knife against her upper arm causing her to scream. Stephanie could tell her arm was in bad shape because she could feel a lot of blood running down her arm. She knew she had to be loud for the police to hear her screams.

Suddenly, the door flew open and the sound of men with guns yelling at the intruder to put down the knife and put his hands up. The intruder replied that he was not going to put the knife down and that they should leave. The police again yelled out for the intruder to drop the knife or they will shoot him. Stephanie heard the intruder step closer to the police and then a gunshot rang out. She heard the thump of a body hitting the floor and that it was her intruder who was swearing and moaning about being shot. She could hear him cursing at the police and that someone was walking closer to her.

She felt someone standing right next to her and that something was reaching around her. Was she being saved? Finally, a man had slowly taken the blindfold from her eyes and Stephanie squinted for a minute as to allow her eyes to focus. Once she could see, she looked up to the man standing in front of her. It was a young, tall police officer who had very hazel eyes. He asked her if she was okay and looked down to see her wounds. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief to which he began wiping and addressing her wounds.

While the officer was attending to her wounds she was trying to see around him to identify her intruder. As she switched back and forth to look the young officer was asking her to sit still so that he can get her bleeding wounds under control. She looked down and saw the tortuous wounds her intruder left. Her arms were covered in blood and some of the cuts needed stitches. The young officer helped her up and wrapped a blanket around her trying to comfort her. He began walking her towards the door and noticed the intruder from behind and that he was handcuffed. The further she walked towards the door, the closer she got to recognizing her intruder.

Once she could see his face, she identified him as her best friend. He was the boy she grew up with and then he looked at her. Stephanie could feel his icy stare on a blank face. She stopped walking and just looked at him. Stephanie was in shock that her lifelong best friend could be capable of such an act. She felt disappointment and crushed that her best friend could harm her like this. She walked up to him and with an open hand she reached up and slapped his face before spitting at him. He looked at her and them mumbled to her calling her a stupid bitch.

The young officer then took her up inside the house and out the front door where paramedics were waiting to tend to her wounds. While sitting on the back of the ambulance, Stephanie watched as the police escorted their prisoner out of the house and into the back of a police car. He looked back from inside the police car and gave Stephanie such an evil smile like he would be back. Then, an officer came over to Stephanie while paramedics were stitching her wounds up and asked if she would like to press charges. Stephanie could not take her eyes off of her best friend handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police car, but she did nod and say “Yes”. The officer then began taking her statement as to what transpired during the time of her captivity.

Once the report was done, Stephanie also asked if she could have a restraining order placed on her intruder in case he is released. The officer noted it in the report and then proceeded back to his patrol car and began driving away with her best friend in the back seat. As the paramedics were finishing her dressings on her arms, a car pulled up with one of her girlfriends in it. She had gotten out of her car and quickly walked over to Stephanie asking her what happened. Her friend was awe of all the bandages Stephanie had on her arms and face. She hugged her friend and stated that she was okay. Stephanie then told her what had happened and who her intruder was. Stephanie’s friend was there for support and stayed the night with Stephanie to make sure she was going to be alright.

The next day, Stephanie’s girlfriend had joined her for breakfast before leaving to run some errands. Stephanie could feel the pain from her wounds as she moved her arms around. Then, it finally hit her that the intruder could have been right about some money being hidden in the old house. After her friend had left, she began going from one room to another cleaning and searching for any lost treasure. Stephanie searched and searched but could not find anything. She searched the house from top to bottom finally ending up in the foyer where a picture of her grandmother hung. She stood there gazing at the picture of her grandmother whom she had admired all her life.

While gazing at the picture, Stephanie noticed a blemish in the picture. Upon further inspection of the picture, she noticed that there was a slice in it and traced it with her finger noticing that there was, in fact, a hole behind it. She slid her hand inside the slit of the picture and behind it, her fingers felt something. With all her might, Stephanie grabbed the picture and took it down from the wall. It was hiding a hole that was plastered over. When she couldn’t remove the plaster, Stephanie went into the kitchen and grabbed a small mallet from under the sink.

She went back into the foyer with the mallet in her hand and began beating the mallet on the plaster causing it to chip away. Once she had half of it removed, she used her hands to grab the other half and pulled the plaster from the hole. She looked inside the hole which was dark before reaching her hand inside. She pulled from the hole what looked to be a letter. She opened it up and saw that it was addressed to her. Stephanie began reading the letter which read that her grandmother had left Stephanie all her estate which included the house and everything in it. She looked at the letter and then looked up at the hole. She again reached her hand inside the hole pulling out a stack of money that was bundled with bank paper. Puzzled by this, she reached in again and pulled out another bundled stack. She did this several times each pulling a bundled stack.

Stephanie could not believe what was going on, but after the last bundle had been pulled out, she began reading the last of the letter. It told her that her grandmother loved her so much and that this money is hers to do what she pleases and that she wishes it could have been more. The letter also stated that there is enough money in total that it would take care of Stephanie for the rest of her life and then some. Stephanie quickly picked up all the bundles with the letter and headed for the living room. She placed all the money on the coffee table and sat on the couch.

Stephanie stared at the money for a bit and wondered how much there was. Her grandmother stated it would be enough to take care of her for the rest of her life. Curious, Stephanie began counting money. One stack was five-hundred thousand dollars and she then began counting another stack which totaled another five hundred thousand dollars. There were still another six stacks to count, but if they are all five-hundred thousand dollars, that would mean that there are four million dollars in total. Stephanie thought that she was about to faint. She had never seen so much money in her life, but the first thought that hit her mind was that the intruder was right about the money and now she sees why he was so anxious to find it.

Stephanie then ran upstairs to her room and grabbed a backpack. When she got back down to the living room, she packed all the money inside it. She was going to take it all to the bank in the morning and open an account. That way she knew it was safe and secure. Stephanie was now a millionaire and very thankful to her grandmother, and to her intruder for making her aware of the money. This is what happens when no one is home.













The Undercover Lawyer

It was one of those days when the gavel was becoming irritable for Bethany Starr. Every day was like any other with piles of paperwork and defendants sobbing over their innocence. If you have committed a crime and there is substantial physical proof that you committed the crime, why would you cry innocence? It boggles her mind when she has to sit in front of an inmate hearing his sob story how it wasn’t him yet his face is right there on a camera. This is the life of a lawyer in every courtroom or legal system. Bethany passed her Bar exam and has been an attorney for almost six years.

She is thirty-one years old, married with two children, Michael who is three and Sarah six, and listens to classical music in the evenings in her home office while scouring through case files. Once she has left the courtroom, she remains at her office for about two hours before going home. Her husband is an architect for a firm downtown who usually makes it home before she does. Bethany loves her husband and family so much and tries to spend as much quality time as she is allowed.

Besides case files and jury trials, Bethany hides a secret that not even her husband of ten years knows about. It is something that she has been engaging with since she was a teenager. It’s strange that her husband doesn’t know and cannot even fathom, but she does it and does it well to have it hidden all this time.

Bethany lives a double life. She is a prominent lawyer by day and all those late night hours when her husband Marcus thinks she is working on cases at her office, Bethany is considered a woman of the night. She is a high paid escort who entertains male clients at her office. No one knows about her escapades except her and her clients. Some of which are politicians, other lawyers, and men of high social status. She is not fearful of anyone finding out because she secretly records her sessions with these men to keep quiet. It wouldn’t look good for them to be found out that they are promiscuous outside of their marriages.

Her alibis are genuine because these men can vouch for her being at the office working with them on a case even while they are strapped up and ready for their whipping. This is how Bethany paid her way through college and paid for her exam, not to mention the savings accounts she has opened for her children when they turn eighteen. Everything is grand in the life of Bethany Starr.

While her age might be higher than your normal escort, she has a beautiful body and personality to go along with it. She stands about five-foot-five, a curvaceous body, and lots of imagination to cater to her client’s needs. It’s hard to imagine that most of her political clients, those who crave and thrive off of power, are so submissive to Bethany and want to be dominated.

She fits her schedule to make time for work, time for family, and time for her clients. Bethany is usually at home for the night around eleven thirty. Most days, she comes home after work, helps her husband cook dinner, and spends homework time with her children before heading back to the office to do some “work”. Marcus has no idea of the dominatrix he is married too. He has only been to her office a couple of times but has never gone into her secret file cabinet where all of her kinky tools and costumes are being stored.

When she comes home at night, Bethany usually spends some television time with husband before they retire to bed. She goes into the bedroom grabs some pajamas or a nightie and heads for the shower. Sometimes her husband Marcus even joins her for some intimacy while showering. Bethany does this every day except on Sundays when she attends church with her family. It might be foolish to attend church knowing that you partake in such deviousness at night.

There have been times when Bethany wants to tell her husband but not sure how he will react to her other profession. She does, however, manage to wear sexy outfits and lingerie for him to entice their lovemaking. Guilt is such an evil thing that it can tear any marriage apart, but she knows how to manage it and keep it at bay.

Every morning when the sun is just coming up and starting to shine through the kitchen window, Bethany is in the kitchen making breakfast and bag lunches for her family. The kids love it when she cuts their sandwiches into heart shapes or characters to make them feel happy. When Marcus comes into the kitchen, coffee is ready and he somberly walks outside to grab the morning paper to read with his coffee.

Once everything is done and ready, Bethany is able to sit with her family enjoying coffee and hearing about all their adventures of the previous day. She looks upon her family and smiles knowing that she married well and has the most beautiful children in the world. It gives her a sense of meaning when she looks at how happy everyone is.Then, it’s time for everyone to go to school, daycare, and work as everyone hustles out the front door.

Bethany takes the kids in her car while Marcus drives his truck out of the driveway and down the street. Her first destination is the daycare to drop off Michael with his bag lunch, then to the school for Sarah before heading in to work. She has a full case load today and it is sure to be exhausting, not to mention the clients she is expected to have this evening. There are times where she does burn the candle at both ends but she appreciates the outcome of wealth that it supports.

Once Bethany gets to her office, she is met by another lawyer who has been spying on her activities lately. He takes her into a vacant office and closes the door. He confronts her about her activities in the evenings and implies that he is going to blow the whistle on her to the partners of the firm she works for.

She starts to plead her case to him and tells him how many of her clients are of high social status and that it wouldn’t look for him to say anything. She informs him that she will be making some phone calls and that he would not be working as a lawyer anymore. He rethinks the subject and then offers to be involved as one of her clients. Bethany thinks about it and tells him how much he would have to pay to be a part of her client list.

He thinks about it for a minute and then agrees to her compromise and she writes down a time or appointment for him to meet her in her office and to be ready for whatever he wants to do. She informs him it is a no holds barred event and that he should prepare himself for whatever mood she is in. They both agree to the terms and he walks out of the office leaving her standing there.

She walks out after getting her composure and heads for her office at the end of the hall. Once inside, she writes his appointment down and then makes a few phone calls informing a few of her clients about the conversation that she just had. Bethany did this as a precaution in case things went south with the other lawyer trying to blackmail her. She wasn’t going to just sit and wait to see what transpires from the engagement. It was all set up and arrangements made for her appointment with this shady lawyer who is willing to destroy her life, career, and family.

Bethany heads over to the courtrooms to have a couple of her cases heard. With her ordeal in the back of her mind, Bethany was finding it hard to concentrate on her cases. She has been a star winning lawyer with a happy family and was not going to let anyone jeopardize it. She represented a few clients that morning which two actually got sent to prison for their crimes. Bethany somehow felt responsible for their demise because of her lack of concentration in their matters, but what’s done is done.

After her cases were heard for the day, Bethany headed back to her office but not before stopping at the clerk of courts office to pick up her next few court appearances and some more cases files. She went back to her office setting the files on her desk and then pacing back and forth in her office trying to shake off the feeling of being exposed to everyone of what she truly was. It would be four days until her appointment with the lawyer and she knew she had everything in place in case it went south.

She paced for a little while before grabbing her files and heading home. She could not take the feeling of impending doom and wanted to spend some time with her family. So she got into her car and drove to pick up her children from school before heading home. She enjoyed the ride with her children as she listened to everything that they did or experienced that day. By the time they pulled up in their driveway, Bethany now had a smile on her face.

They climbed out of the car and ran to the front door to their father waiting for them. Michael jumped right into his arms while Sarah hugged his waist. They immediately started rambling off at the mouth of how their day went and both at the same time while they all walked back inside the house.

Marcus had already started dinner and Bethany walked into the kitchen after dropping her files in her home office. They kissed before diving into making the meatballs for dinner which was the kids favorite. They cooked side by side and talked about their day as usual and at that point, Bethany didn’t have a care in the world. The clock was ticking and it made no difference to her now. She was enjoying her family time and that was all that mattered. She even had some intimate time with her husband before going back to the office for an appointment she had.

After her appointment of domination with a city council member, Bethany got back into her car and drove the long way home as to clear her mind so that her husband wouldn’t think there was something wrong. She only had that one appointment tonight so she got to leave the office early which gave her and her husband a little more time together.

Once she walked into the front door of their home, she noticed it was lit with candles and rose petals creating a trail through the house and ending in the bathroom where a nice hot bubble bath was waiting for her. The bathroom was lit by candles and there were small bouquets of roses around the room. She could smell the hint of incense in the air and don’t let me forget her husband who was inside the bath waiting for her.

She slowly undressed as she admired her surroundings before stepping down into the garden tub full of bubbles with her husband. She sat with her back rested up against him as he wrapped his arms around her and kissing her neck. He gently pushed her forward and began massaging her shoulders and back. Bethany was intrigued by her husband’s advances but she was also loving every minute of it.

After bathing and relaxing with one another, they stepped up out of the tub and before she could grab a towel, her husband had it in his hands and began slowly and intimately drying her wet body off. After she was dry, he scooped her up in his muscular arms and took her to their bedroom placing her gently on their bed. He climbed into the bed with her and began making love to his wife. She was so taken by her husband’s approach that she felt it washed every nervous feeling from her body. When it was all over, they lay in each other’s arms talking for a bit before falling asleep together.

The next morning, Bethany woke up so refreshed and new again before the thought hit her that she could possibly lose all of this because of her double life. She bounced the thoughts through her mind about telling her husband or not and facing the truth coming out by a third party which could cause her to lose everything. She battled with these thoughts all day at work and finally decided to tell her husband the truth and risk her marriage and family.

She had two days before her appointment with the lawyer and thought now would be the right time to tell her husband, so she finished up with work for the day and had to think of the right time to tell him. On her drive home, she battled again with the thoughts of how and when to tell him and came up with the scenario of telling him while they lay in bed for the evening. That would be the best time, especially while the children were asleep in case things went bad.

After dinner, Marcus was stunned that Bethany did not leave to go back to the office and immediately thought something was wrong. He began asking if she was feeling alright and sounded a bit frazzled himself. Once they had gotten the dinner dishes done and put the children to bed, Bethany told Marcus she needed to talk to him about something. He immediately started to get nervous and that made Bethany more on edge to tell him.

They sat on the couch together and Bethany reached out for his hand. She began telling him how much she loved him and their family together, but there was something he needed to know. Bethany began telling him of her double life of being a lawyer and an escort. She had been an escort since she was in her late teens and even when she met him. She explained how the money paid for her schooling and that she had savings accounts set up for their children when they turned eighteen.

Bethany described to him how sex was not involved, it was more of roleplaying and domination as the gentlemen masturbated. It was pretty innocent and then she told him of how this lawyer was going to expose her if she didn’t do business with him. There was a sigh of relief from Marcus and it threw a red flag up to Bethany. Why was he being so cool about this? That’s when Marcus told Bethany there was something he needed to tell her. The room got quiet and Bethany got rigid in her posture.

Marcus began to tell Bethany how he was having an affair with another woman while she was at the office during the evenings and even had her in their bed. Bethany sat there and could feel her heart start breaking. How could she not see this coming? The man she loved and bore children too could be sleeping with another woman and even in her bed. Bethany began to cry before the anger surfaced and started asking questions about this woman.

Then she reverted to asking questions as to why he could cheat on her. Marcus had no clear excuse as to why he would do such a horrible thing and that’s when her anger became an issue. She started beating Marcus’ chest crying and telling him how much he was hurting her. He tried to subdue her all while telling her how sorry he was. She asked if he loved her and had received no answer back which made Bethany even more upset.

All this time she kept a secret from her family only to find out he had his own secrets. She thought about leaving him and taking the children but then that would destroy her children, so she moved into the spare bedroom and separated herself from Marcus. He felt so bad and didn’t want to lose Bethany but the damage was done. It is one thing to cheat on someone, but to do it in the same bed you share with your wife, that is not excusable.

From then on out, Bethany and Marcus slept in separate rooms unbeknownst to their children. The trust that was once there has left this happy home. On the day of her appointment with the lawyer, she told him to go to hell and then went to the partners of the firm and told them the truth. She explained how this had been her life and without mentioning any specific names, she told them of all of the high-status gentlemen who were her clients. Being appalled by this new information, the partners had to convene together alone to think about this ordeal. She even told them about the lawyer who was going to blackmail her.

After several hours of discussing and weighing out everything, the partners called Bethany and the other lawyer into their conference room. With all parties in attendance, the partners then gave their decision. They reviewed everything and even the taping of the conversation between the lawyer and Bethany and decided to fire the lawyer for trying to blackmail their best attorney, to which he became very angry and security had to remove him.

Then, on to Bethany’s case, they decided to put her on probation for concealing this information from them and also gave her permission to do what was necessary as far as being an escort as long as it didn’t interfere with her ability to be their best attorney. This was so liberating to Bethany and put her at ease.She was very happy with their decision and it made her think about how she should have told them in the beginning, but what was done was all over with and all parties now know the double life of Bethany Starr.

As far as her family was concerned, it took months before she could look Marcus in the face and even with all the apologies that her husband gave. It wasn’t good enough at that point and Bethany made it very clear how much he hurt her and their family. After about a year of sleeping apart and the agonizing memory of what transpired in her bed, Bethany knew she could never sleep in the same bed that her husband had an affair in and filed for divorce.

She gave joint custody to Marcus, but they remained living in the same house just for the children and asked for no alimony from Marcus. She was more than capable of providing for her family with both careers and her and Marcus split all the bills in half. They came to the agreement that any relationships they had were to be away from the house and their children. Both Bethany and Marcus were hurt by these decisions but they tried to remain friends just for the children’s sake.

So this was the story of a lawyer by day and escort by night whose name was Bethany Starr.She continued to be an escort well up into her forties and her children were well taken care of when they turned eighteen thanks to their mother. As for Marcus, he moved out when the children became eighteen and remarried to the woman he had the affair with.