Rachel’s Deadly Past

The beatings were almost every night when Rachel’s Father came home from work drunk. He always managed to stop by the local bar on the way home. It started when she was younger and she couldn’t do anything about it but her mother would always tell her to go to her room that she was okay. So, she would go to her room laying on the bed muffling the yelling and screaming with her pillow.

The very next day she would see her mother full of bruises and busted lips and it would make her so mad. She even asked her mother why she stays with him and that they can move somewhere else, but her mother made excuses for him that he was a good father and that it was his way of punishing her when she did something wrong. She couldn’t understand why her mother made excuses for him when he would batter her body where she had a hard time moving the next day from the body aches.

This went on for years until one night when her father came home and started beating on her. Rachel heard the screams of her mother and decided enough was enough. She was going to tell her father to leave but when she got downstairs, she was just in time to see her father knock her down to the ground and then proceed to hit her in the head with a hammer while calling her names like whore and slut. Rachel watched in horror as he hit her once, twice, and then the third time killing her mother. He had crushed her skull in.

When she saw that her mother was dead she screamed out getting her father’s attention and that she saw the whole thing. Her father began chasing after her and she ran back upstairs and into her room locking the door. As he beat on her door, Rachel grabbed a few things and then climbed out her window. He was not aware of the fact that she ran away until he knocked her door in and saw that she wasn’t there and that her window was open. He ran to the window looking out and Rachel was nowhere in sight. He yelled out the window that he would find her.

Her father got rid of the murder weapon and when he went outside, the next door neighbor spotted the blood-soaked hammer in his hand and called the police. When they got there, the neighbors told them what they had seen and they went over to Rachel’s house and found her mother on the living room floor with her head bashed in. She was lying in a pool of blood and they called in for an ambulance to come pick her up.

Meanwhile, Rachel has gone into hiding so that her father could not find her. If he did she would fear that her father would kill her next, so she went into survival mode. She was only fourteen when she left the house and she has never lived on the streets a day in her life. She has never been a runaway either but she had no choice.

The crime scene unit goes through the house with a fine tooth comb to see if there was any forced entry since the father kept saying someone broke into the house and he just came home and found her dead. It wasn’t matching up with what the neighbor saw from her doorway. So, they end up taking Rachel’s father down to the police station for interrogation to see if they can get a confession out of him. They sat for hours and still nothing from the father. He didn’t even let them know that he had a daughter since she disappeared. So, they let him go a free man.

Rachel kept moving around and sleeping wherever she could. Sleep didn’t come easy due to the nightmares she had every time she laid her head down. Seeing her father bash her mother’s head was horrendous even in her nightmares. Sometimes she would wake up calling for her mother until she remembered that her mother was dead and gone. She didn’t attend the funeral, but after everyone left the cemetery, she went and sat next to her mother’s grave talking to her like she was still here.

Twenty-two years have gone by since the murder of her mother and Rachel has changed her name so that her father would not find her. Her mother’s death became a cold case due to it not having a suspect to arrest. Rachel knew the whole time that he was lying to cover it up. He didn’t want to be arrested for it and Rachel stayed in hiding knowing that her father would still look for her to keep her quiet.

Rachel ended up getting a boyfriend under her new name and after a year together they finally moved in with each other. Night after night, Carson, the new boyfriend, would wake up to hearing Rachel have nightmares or yelling and crying in her sleep. The next day after, Carson confronted Rachel about her nightmares. She had been struggling with telling him and didn’t know how. They sat and talked for a while until Carson got her to tell her secret.

When she broke down and told him, he figured it had to be something big for her to have such harsh nightmares. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her while she cried on his shoulder. He comforted her and told her it was alright. He said that everything would be alright. After he held her for a bit, he made her sit up and look him in the face. She leaned back and looked directly into his hazel eyes. Once she was looking, Carson tried to convince her to go to the police and tell what she knows. They would place her under protective custody until his conviction was made.

Carson told Rachel that once he was convicted and sent to prison she would never have to deal with him again. He told her that she would then be safe to live out her life. She was fearful that if she did go to the police and they find out that he would find her before they found him. Carson reassures her that he is not going to let anything happen to her but she needs to go to the police and tell them what happened.

She agrees to go but only if Carson goes with her for support. He grabbed his keys and wallet and escorted her out to his car. They drove two towns over where she grew up and where her mother was killed. They showed up at the police station and asked to speak to the detective who worked on her mother’s murder. A heavyset detective with grey hair came out and asked what we needed? Carson saw that Rachel was a little nervous so he told the detective that they had information that was relevant to a murder case that happened twenty-two years ago.

The detective invited them back to an interrogation room and grabbed the file and a notebook. He said that he was listening and what type of information did they have? Rachel started out by telling the detective that her mother was murdered in their house by her father. She went into details as to the abuse and beatings her mother took almost every night. She then told him that she had come down the stairs just in time to watch her father bash in her mother’s head in with a hammer.

The detective told her that when they interrogated her father he never mentioned he had a daughter. Her father told them that it was a break in and murder and he had come home to find his wife dead. Rachel told him that it wasn’t true and that she saw the whole thing and her father came after her and she ran away from home at the age of fourteen.

The detective stated that he would reopen the case and look at all the evidence that was submitted and go from there, but they would bring her father back in for questioning. Rachel gave the detective her home address and phone number to contact her. She told him that she lives two towns away so fear from her father showing up or coming after her would be a problem.

Rachel and Carson stood up and was leaving the room after shaking the detective’s hand. As he escorted them out, he told a few officers to pull the box with evidence from the Monroe murder case. As they were ready to walk out the door, Rachel turned around and told the detective thank you as she walked out the door closing it behind her.

Rachel and Carson walked out to the car and stood outside the car while Rachel told Carson that she felt better about telling and that she could now be happy. Carson just smiled at her while unlocking the car door. He started the ignition and they headed back home. Rachel was exhausted and fell asleep on the ride back.

When pulling into the driveway, Carson looked over at Rachel who was fast asleep. He parked the car and then reached over waking Rachel up telling her that they were home. She opened her eyes and saw their house and smiled. They got out of the car and he escorted her to the front door.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, they picked up Rachel’s father and brought him in for questioning. He couldn’t understand why he was there until the detective mentioned his daughter. The detective asked him why he never mentioned he had a daughter? His quick and only reply was that she ran away from home and it slipped his mind. He asked the detective if he had seen her?

The detective stated that he had seen her and she gave no address when asked. Rachel’s father put on a show of how worried he was about Rachel’s whereabouts. The detective knew that it was all a show at that point and could see that he was nervous and told him he was worried about something from the past.

That’s when Rachel’s father became angry and agitated as to why he was there. The detective gave him one more chance to come clean about what happened twenty-two years ago. He stayed with his story of a break-in and finding his wife murdered. So, the detective not believing him released him and sent him on his way.

While the detective did some further research on the case, Rachel’s father begins searching out the only witness to what really happened, his daughter. He puts the word out to all his friends and associates that he is looking to reunite with his daughter and needs help locating her.

It took several days with no luck but then word finally finds him with news of her whereabouts. He takes this information of her living two towns away and under another name and plans to pay her an unexpected visit. He fills his car up with gas and heads out on the highway towards her location.

When he gets to the town where she lives, he begins asking around about her under her new name. People in this town were very friendly and it seems that everyone knows everyone because he was given her place of work and what hours she works. It was not her shift to work so he got a motel for the night and will seek her out in the morning at work.

He slept very well that night knowing he would see his long-lost daughter. Upon waking up, he got dressed in some nice clothes and left the motel to go see his daughter. He arrived at this little diner and took a seat while waiting for the waitress to grab a bit of breakfast. Little did Rachel know that the customer she would be serving would be her father. She walks over to the table with the diner being busy that morning and didn’t notice who was sitting at one of her tables.

Rachel looked up to glare into the eyes of the man who murdered her mother. She tried to keep her cool and acted like he was just another customer. While standing at his table she asked what he would like to order? Her father quickly ordered the house special and a cup of hot black coffee. Rachel took his order and walked back to the grill to turn his ticket into the cook.

She went into the back room for a minute and took a couple deep breaths and began to have a panic attack until one of the other girls came back there and asked if she was okay? She began to tell her about what happened and who that was but didn’t want to bring any of her coworkers into her drama, so she shrugged it off and went back out to the floor.

When his order was called up, Rachel grabbed it and headed over to his table where he was seated and sat the dish down and poured him some coffee. She asked if there was anything else but before she could turn to walk away, he grabbed her arm tightly and stated that he would kill her if she testifies against him and then let her arm go.

This gave way to another panic attack and she ran to the back of the diner while he sat and ate his breakfast calmly. Some of the other waitresses were worried about her and went to go check on her finding her in the back room crying hysterically. They called the manager in and everyone asked if she could be sent home due to a family emergency. Her manager was compassionate and agreed with them for her to take the rest of the day off to tend to her affairs.

She told him “thank you” and went to clock out and then she grabbed her things and left out the back door. She was worried that he would follow her and then find out where she lived so she called Carson to meet her up the street at a public place. Carson was worried why she was acting hysterical but told her he would be there shortly and grabbed his keys and left to pick her up.

It took Rachel a few minutes to get where she was meeting Carson and while she waited she stayed where there were a lot of people. She noticed his car pulling into the parking lot and ran out to meet him by jumping into the car. Carson was asking what was wrong and all she said was to take her back to her hometown. Carson agreed to her request and began driving back to the highway headed for her hometown.

While they drove, Rachel knew she had to come clean to Carson and hoped he would not abandon her because she lied to him. She began with her true name and then went into telling him what happened twenty-two years ago. Carson was sympathetic to her situation and was okay with it and told her he was not running away. That’s when she told him that her father found her and showed up at her job.

Carson began to worry and sped up on the highway to get her away from danger. He asked where they were headed back in her hometown and she replied with the police station. She needed to see the detective and tell him what’s going on.

It took about two hours of driving before they reached the police station and pulled up in front. As Carson was shutting the car off, Rachel had already opened her door and ran inside the station. Carson hurried to get out and followed her. Once inside she went over to the desk and asked to see Detective Taylor. She informed them it was crucial that she speak with him and was a life or death situation

The officer behind the desk picked up the phone and called Detective Taylor informing him that there was a hysterical woman here to see him. He told the officer he would be out there in a minute. While waiting, Rachel became more agitated and scared. Carson could do nothing but hold and comfort her.

Then she saw Detective Taylor come through the door and quickly made her way over to him. He asked what was wrong and she began telling him what happened at her job and the threat he made to her. The detective told her to calm down and that he would take care of everything. He invited her and Carson back to his desk where he drew up the paperwork to hand off to the District Attorney to have a warrant put out for her father.

After contacting the District Attorney, he then offered to put her into protective custody to which she agreed. The only thing was that Carson could not go with her because her father doesn’t know about him so he is not in harm’s way. Rachel was worried about Carson but knew the detective was right so she said her goodbyes to him and that she would see him soon and this nightmare will be all over with.

Carson stood up hugging her and placing a slow kiss on her lips before he walked out and headed home. Detective Taylor began the paperwork to set her up in a safe house until her father goes to court and then sent to prison. Rachel was a little on edge and Detective Taylor handed her a valium to calm her nerves down.

Once the paperwork was done, a couple of officers came in to take her to the safe house. He told her that he would keep in touch to keep her up on everything. Rachel told him “thank you” and left with her escort of officers.

The safe house that they were taking her to was about four hours away and no one was aware of the fact they were being followed by some of her father’s associates who were told to keep an eye on her. The drive was quiet and Rachel even took a small nap in the back seat. When they arrived, they woke her up to see her new surroundings.

Rachel got out of the car and walked up a small but cute walkway up to a house that should be considered condemned but it was the perfect cover for protecting someone. No one would think that the police department would hide someone out in a dilapidated old house.

Once the police officers took a look around to make sure everything was clear, they took Rachel inside to see her new home for a while. It was a house that still had wooden slat floors and it looked like it had been built back in the eighteen hundreds just with a modern water system.

She made herself comfortable and the officers stayed downstairs to give her the privacy she needed with hourly checks to make sure she was okay. She thought to herself that at least the bed had clean bedding and it was comfortable when she sat on it. After looking around her new room, she noticed a few books on the nightstand that looked like they would be good reading.

About thirty minutes later an officer was at her door with some food for her to eat and a cold soda which they kept in the refrigerator at all times for any guests they should have there. She sat at the little table that was in the room and ate her food saving some of her soda to take over to the bed while she picked up one of the books and began reading.

She hadn’t noticed that the days events had made her so exhausted that she fell asleep while reading the book. Even as she slept, the officers still maintained their hourly checks on her. With everything calmed down, the officers took their posts and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

The next morning, Rachel woke up to the light coming into her room from the sun and could hear small birds chirping outside. She looked over and noticed a hot plate of breakfast sitting on her nightstand with a tall glass of juice. At least the officers could cook she thought to herself.

She sat up and took her plate with breakfast and began eating while gazing out her window. Last night the officers had explained the rules to her as far as no calls out or in, no going outside, and no standing in the window as to not be seen. She was pretty much confined to her room most of the time but it didn’t bother her so much. She loved her privacy but still in the back of her mind she was worried about Carson and that if he was okay.

She finished her breakfast and stood up to stretch a little and do some exercising to keep in shape since she had nothing really else to do. After a few days, it became monotonous and she was beginning to get cabin fever and so much wanted to go outside just to get some fresh air. She knew that wasn’t going to happen and just then one of the officers were knocking at her door. When she answered and they opened the door, they stated that Detective Taylor was on the phone and wanted to speak to her.

She reached for the phone and then said, “Hello”. Detective Taylor asked how she was making out and she stated that cabin fever was not for her and he laughed and wanted to tell her that her father had been arrested and is in custody. She felt a sigh of relief and asked how much longer would she be in this run-down house?

He told her that he is in custody and will have a hearing in the morning to set a bond and if he isn’t bailed out he will have a plea hearing before a trial can be set. She was not excited about that news but she knew he would be in there for a while and just had to hold on a little while more. She agreed and thanked him for contacting her to give her an update, hung up the phone, and handed it back to the officer.

No one knew that they were being watched and that her location was being relayed back to her father who was sitting in a cold damp jail cell. The whole time he sat in that cell he was plotting how to take care of his threat. One of his associates was at his bond hearing and by the time he got back to his cell they posted his bail and he was being released.

Once he was released, he received the address of where she was located and put his plan into motion of doing away with his daughter before his next court date in two weeks. He figured he was not going to spend the rest of his life locked away in some prison. His plan was to approach her location under the cover of night so as not to be seen.

He gathered his things and began the four-hour road trip. He was given the address to where she was located and as he drove he contemplated what his next move would be. He was informed that there were only two officers there to look after her and knew he had to take them out first.

Once he reached the area where she was being hidden, he parked the car down the street in the dark of night and walked his way up to the house. He walked around the perimeter of the house to find where the officers were located in the house before he made his move. One officer came out the back door for a smoke and was ambushed by Rachel’s father having his throat cut where he could not make a sound to alert the other officer in the house.

Once he bled out and fell to the ground, Rachel’s father confiscated his gun and made his move inside the house to take out the other officer. He quietly moved around the house while remaining in the shadows. He found the other officer sitting in an old wooden chair in front of a television.

He quietly walked up from behind him and put the gun to the back of his head putting one bullet into him. The sound of the gunshot alerted Rachel that someone else was in the house and she quickly locked her room door and pushed the dresser in front of it. She backs into the corner across from the door and listens as someone bangs on the door trying to open it.

The hair on the back of her neck stood up when she heard the sound of that nightmarish voice from her past. She looks over and notices a baseball bat in the corner and quickly and quietly grabs it. Her father begins prying the door open and moving the dresser to get inside. Rachel slips over to the corner right behind the door with the bat in hand knowing that one of them was going to die that night.

As her father starts to slip into the room with the gun showing from behind the door first, Rachel uses all her strength to swing the bat knocking the gun from his hand. The gun flies from his hand and slides under the bed. As Rachel tries to obtain the gun from under the bed, her father makes his way into the room.

He grabs and physically attacks her trying to strangle her. She feels herself starting to go weak and digs deep within to muster every ounce of strength she has to use her elbow to knock the wind out of him from behind her. He lets go and she again tries to slide under the bed to get the gun.

Rachel finally reaches the gun and grabs it as her father has grabbed her legs pulling her out from underneath the bed. She rolls over as she comes from underneath the bed aiming the gun to shoot her father. She pulls the trigger and shoots him in his abdomen forcing him to stagger back away from her.

He then comes at her again attacking her and she then pulls the trigger once more shooting her father in the head killing him. After he falls to the ground and she knows that he is dead, she crawls into the corner of the room staring at his lifeless body.

Little did she know that Detective Taylor had tried to contact one of the officers and when he couldn’t reach either of them, he knew something was wrong. He took a few patrol cars with him and they were already on their way to her location. Rachel sat in that corner in a daze until she sees the red and blue lights flickering off the room wall.

A few minutes go by and she hears people in the house and some of them coming up the stairs. Detective Taylor shows up in front of her open doorway and immediately calls for the paramedics which followed them to the house. He walked inside and over to Rachel taking off his jacket and wrapping around her shoulders and helping her to her feet.

As they walk out of the room, Rachel couldn’t take her eyes off her father lying dead on the floor. He escorts her out the room and then outside where she is met by paramedics who take her to the ambulance to check her over for any wounds. Detective Taylor walks up and asks how she is doing and she looked up at him and asked how he knew to come?

He told her that when he heard that her father made bail and then he couldn’t get a hold of the officers here protecting her that he immediately knew something was wrong. So, he headed out to check on her himself. Once the paramedics checked her over and released her, she got up and walked over to the front door as they brought her father out of the house.

While they walked by the front of her, she spits on the bag covering his body and stated, “that was for mom”. She then hears a familiar voice and when she turns around she sees Carson standing in the background past the ambulance. She quickly runs up to him as he grabs her picking her up and swinging her around as he plants the perfect kiss on her lips.

She was so happy to see him and began to cry tears of joy. He asked her if she was alright and she smiled and said, “yes”. She turns to Detective Taylor thanking him for everything he has done and he responds with, “you’re more than welcome”. Then Carson grabs her hand and tells her it is time to go home. They walked over and he helped her into the car and they headed back to their home.

It took Rachel some time to get past things and get back to a normal life but after months of therapy, Rachel was able to let go of her deadly past.









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