Eternally Death Row

Jeff Miller was everyone’s new drama scene in the newspaper and on television. He was the creep that they caught who molested and killed three little girls in upstate Illinois. It took the police and detectives four long grueling years to catch him. Every time they would get close he would evade them and kill again.

This story touched the lives of everyone and in every community while the police searched for him. It got so close to home for many that people began to get involved in the search. Soon, half the state was involved in the manhunt looking for this man to put him away so that the killing of innocent little girls would stop.

They were random killings that made it difficult for the police to catch him. They could not put two and two together because they were not connected in any way except that it was molesting and killing little girls. That was the only thing that was the same in each case.

Jeff Miller was so smart that he would always cover his tracks. He wore gloves that only left traces of latex powder behind and presumably used condoms because there was no semen or bodily fluids, only lubrication that you would find on condoms. It almost seemed like he wore a body suit because there was never any trace of clothing fibers or hair left on any of the victims. Each victim was brutally beaten, molested, and left in shallow ditches on the side of roads. It was a senseless crime and the man needed to be stopped.

By the time the manhunt began, there were five counties involved and every use of manpower there was. Rewards had been posted and soon it made the national scene. People all over the country got involved and kept their eyes open for the suspect in case he made his way to another state.

He finally got caught when someone driving down the road noticed a vehicle on the side of the road and a man pulling something from his truck and throwing it into the nearby ditch. The passerby caught the license plate and called nine-one-one to report it. Soon the local police had the vehicle pulled over and was running the driver information of Jeff Miller.

The police officer had no knowledge that he was running the killer everyone was looking for. After getting clearance on his driver license, the officer was about to let him go when over the radio came the information about a particular vehicle dumping something in a nearby ditch off of road eighty-one. The vehicle description matched the one he had pulled over and it brought about suspicion of the driver.

When the police officer turned to question Jeff Miller, he was met face to face with a nine millimeter. The trigger was pulled and the officer was shot twice in the face. Once the officer fell from his vehicle, Jeff Miller sped off in his vehicle. Now he was a wanted man for killing a police officer which now gave him a different M.O or modus operandi. He was not just known for the molestation and killing of little girls anymore, now he was a cop killer.

He was pursued across two states before being caught. He was taken into custody in a small town in Ohio and awaited extradition back to Illinois. Jeff Miller was a sex offender and child molester and that was not going to ride in county jail or prison, so he was placed into protective custody even when he was taken back to Illinois for his trial. They wanted him to live long enough to stand trial to give the families of those little girls and the family of the officer he killed some closure.

While he was taken back to Illinois, the officer’s transporting him made a detour to a secluded dirt road off of the highway where they proceeded to beat the hell out of him for his crimes. They brutally beat him like he did those little girls and took out revenge for the killing of a fellow officer. By the time he arrived at the county jail of his jurisdiction he could hardly walk and was not even taken to medical for treatment.

Jeff Miller was thrown into a cold cell to wait for his day in court. People surrounded outside the county jail protesting and demanding the death penalty. Each person was holding a picture of one of the little girls he molested and killed. Some even had a picture of the officer he killed. The crowd demanded justice for those families. Justice is what they were going to get.

He would find himself unable to sleep at night in his cell because of the shouting and yelling of threats and obscenities from other inmates. The officers made sure everyone in the jail knew what he did so that he would not get a nights rest.

He sat in jail for about two weeks before his first court appearance in front of a judge. The courtroom was open to the public so that everyone could hear that the judge was disgusted by the sight of him and denied him any type of bail. Once the judge denied him bail the whole courtroom went into an uproar of approval.

He was taken back to his cell after seeing the judge and still had to listen to every inmate torment him. At night, some of the correctional officers who were close to the officer he killed and disgusted by what he did to those little girls, would let a couple of hardcore inmates into his cell where they repeatedly raped and beat him. All of the other inmates would shout to those inmates to get him good.

Once he was healed up from the encounter, they would do it again. Jeff Miller was tormented and abused his whole time incarcerated except for a few days before his next court hearing. They wanted him to look presentable for the judge even though it might not have mattered to the judge.

His next court appearance was his plea hearing where he could plead guilty or not guilty. At this point, everyone would have expected him to plead guilty so that he could receive his sentence and be transported to prison, but he replied to the judge with a “not guilty” plea which again caused havoc in the courtroom. The judge did not seem to want to accept his plea but by law, he had to. So, a trial date was set and would be open to the public also.

Through his torment, Jeff Miller sat in the county jail while awaiting his trial date. It took almost eight months before that day came. Shackled at his hands and feet with a chain connecting both to his waist, he walked into a boisterous courtroom. As he walked inside and led over to the table where his attorney was waiting, the courtroom began to settle down. He quietly sat down with his attorney as a few derogatory shouts were made at him.

Then, the jury came inside to take their places in the juror box. Each one gave Jeff Miller a nasty and disgusting look. Everyone knew that this trial would not take long and expected the death penalty but they would have to wait and see.

Soon the judge came in and the courtroom went completely quiet. He quickly went to his chair and sat quietly looking over the files to the case. Once or twice he looked up and over at the defendant. Then, he asked the attorneys to begin their opening statements. As the state made their opening argument, you could see that everyone was listening to every word, but when the defendant’s attorney stood the obscenities from the crowd rang out.

Over the course of seven weeks, the trial finally drew to a close. All that remained were the closing arguments, the jury’s decision, and the sentence imposed. It took two days for the closing arguments to finish and then it was a waiting game for the jury to debate. Everyone from the defendant, the audience, the attorney’s, and the judge sat by waiting for the decision of the jury.

What should have been sooner, it took the jury four whole days to debate before reaching their decision. As they each walked into the courtroom, you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet. They found their seats and the judge asked the jury foreman if they made a decision. The jury foreman stood up and answered the judge with a “yes, your honor” before unfolding a piece of paper in his hands.

The judge then asked the jury foreman as to what their decision would be? With the courtroom quiet, the jury foreman looked down at the piece of paper and announced that they found the defendant “guilty” and that’s when the courtroom went into loud approvals and clapping. The judge then had the courtroom made quiet by the bailiffs before the jury foreman also informed the judge that they had a recommended sentence for the defendant.

This being an abnormal request, the judge allowed the foreman to speak their recommendation. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for this recommendation by the jury. As the foreman began to speak, the courtroom was very quiet. The foreman announced their recommendation as a sentence of death but that the defendant would remain on death row until his natural death. But also that the defendant would be castrated with the complete removal of his scrotum and all of its contents.

The audience went into joyful hysterics as they were pleased with the recommendation. The judge hearing this recommendation then looked over at the defendant and asked him to stand for his sentencing. As the defendant and his attorney stood, the judge began telling him how disgusted he was to have him in his courtroom and that he was appalled by his crimes.

Jeff Miller’s attorney began to interrupt the judge with words of mercy before being told to stand down while he passes sentence. The defendant stood there staring directly at the judge when he heard the words that he would spend the rest of his natural life on death row and that upon arrival to the state penitentiary, he would be sent directly to the medical facility for the surgical removal of his scrotum and all of its contents.

With that sentence placed upon him, the courtroom stood to applaud the judgment imposed on the defendant. He was then escorted by correctional officers out of the courtroom and taken to a van waiting outside which would transport him to the state penitentiary as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at the penitentiary, Jeff Miller was escorted directly to the medical facility where he was met by a medical staff that had been watching the trial and heard the sentence imposed. They were ready for him. They placed him shackled on the operating table and began cutting his clothing from his body exposing him to the televised camera that was in place so that the whole world could see his sentence imposed.

Once he was naked, they gave him a topical anesthesia because they wanted him awake while the surgery was performed. They split the table in the bottom half that would spread his legs apart. As everyone watched all around the world, Jeff Miller’s scrotum was removed and he was irreversibly castrated. He was awake to watch the medical staff cut and remove his scrotum and was shown them before they were thrown into the trash.

Once they were done and he was sewn up, they placed a pair of female panties on him to hold the dressings in place. He was placed in the medical wing for a couple days of recovery before being escorted over to the death row building. There he was placed in a one-man cell and that would be where he spends the rest of his natural life.

The correctional officers let his wound heal for a few weeks before imposing punishment on him. Every day, they would allow one other inmate in his cell to brutally rape him and beat him and this would be his punishment. He would not be allowed to forget what he had done to those little girls for the rest of his life. He would suffer torment through his natural life and then he would go to a place called eternal death row. Justice was served.




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